April 2, 2018

Why Home Staging in Atlanta is Worth It

HRCFC Home Staging in Atlanta Can Help Your House Sell Faster

Home staging is important.  That’s why here at HRC Furniture Design, we offer more than great home furnishing.  Our professional stagers are here to help home owners and real estate companies alike prepare Atlanta houses for sale.  Many may ask themselves, however, whether home staging is really worth it.  Here are three reasons why the answer is yes!

First, home staging makes houses easier to market.  Having your home for sale in Atlanta professionally staged means that the rooms will be look ready for a home magazine photo shoot.  With most potential buyers looking online before choosing houses to see, photographs of beautiful, spacious rooms will make it easier to interest potential buyers.  In fact, a professionally staged home has been proven to spend less time on the market!

That brings us to the second reason: professionally staged homes stand out from the competition.  There are a lot of houses for sale in and around Atlanta; if you want to attract buyers to your home, you need something extra.  Both online and in person, a staged home gains an advantage.  Not only will your beautifully arranged rooms gain attention, but they will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home.  Professional home stagers understand how to create a balanced, open look that is appealing to a wide range of people.  Our homes are personal, and we all have a natural tendency infuse them with our personal home style.  However, by allowing a professional home stager to create a balanced home style that smoothly blends myriad home style elements, from antique to modern chic, the space becomes a sort of canvas that allows various people with various preferences to superimpose their own ideas.  Studies have shown that relatively few people can really see the potential of an empty home, but professional home staging removes those road blocks.

The final reason is that home staging will help your house will sell faster and for a better asking price.  In fact, professional home staging can increase home sales by 22 percent—that means your professionally staged home is about one-fourth more likely to sell than an unstaged home!  (I would take a nearly 25 percent increase in my chances to get the price I want quickly, wouldn’t you?)  To get a higher asking price and get your home off the market fast, home staging in Atlanta is a must.

We have the best home staging team from Midtown Atlanta to Cobb County, GA.  For your convenience, HRC Furniture Design even offers professional 24-hour delivery and service.  Courteous and conscientious, no home is too large or too small for our stagers.  Ready to get started?  Visit our Home Staging Page today!

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