May 30, 2018

Room Makeover on a Budget: Tips for You

Decorating styles for a small living room makeover

A room makeover is a great way to freshen your home. After moving into a new house, seeing the kids off to college, or even simply reorganizing and rearranging, a room makeover is the natural next step. It is also a more budget friendly choice compared to a home renovation, and you’ll be surprised how different it can make your space feel! Here are a few economical room makeover tips from HRC Furniture and Design to get you started.

Update Room by Room

You don’t need to revamp every room in your house at once. In fact, trying to perform a room makeover on every room at once can be too much for your time and budget! Instead we recommend focusing on one room at a time. How do you decide which room to start with? You may want to consider which rooms your guests see most often or which your family spends the most time in. Or perhaps there is one particular room in your house you really dislike or that doesn’t flow well with your life. Start with the room(s) you want most to change, then plan out how you can achieve a home style that fits you better and works with your lifestyle.

Choose Your Colors

Once you settle on which room to update first, we recommend finding a few pieces of furniture that really speak to you and building the rest of the room makeover around them. (Don’t forget to consider your room layout, and what furniture fits best in the space! Also think about how the room will flow with everything in place!) Once you find one or two special home furnishings, develop your color palette. Consider wall colors that will compliment these pieces, as well as other home furnishings you will include. For a gorgeous room makeover, we recommend having a couple of colorful accents and focal points in a brighter color, then balancing them with complimentary neutral colors in other home furnishings or in your wall color. Conversely, you can also choose all neutral furnishings and pair them with an eye-catching wall color, then add a few accents to bring the whole look together. Whatever method you choose, don’t forget to consider the psychology of color, along with how you want family and guests to feel in the space.

Ask the Professionals

If all of that sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry. HRC Furniture Design is here to help. Staffed by fully-qualified professionals, we offer consultations to help you create the perfect home style for your room makeover. Our team will help you plan the best room layout, find the right color palette, and even help you choose a few beautiful new home furnishings that fit your style and budget. Best of all, when you buy home furnishings from HRC Furniture Design, professional delivery and set up are free. Contact HRC Furniture Design today to learn how we can help you with a beautiful room makeover you’re sure to love!

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