July 10, 2018

Rental Home Staging in Atlanta

Rental home staging in Atlanta - Simple and less involved home staging kitchen

Rental home staging in Atlanta varies from “regular” home staging. There is some argument about whether a house for rent should be staged, but here in Atlanta, Georgia, it is generally considered necessary. That’s because Metro Atlanta is always growing, and has higher-than-normal competition where finding quality renters is concerned. It’s important to make your rental properties stand out both in person and online. Here are a few tips from HRC Furniture Design for rental home staging in Atlanta.

Keep it Simple

As mentioned above, staging a rental home is different from staging a house for sale. Because rental properties are often repainted and deep cleaned between renters, the small repairs and paint freshening typical in readying a house for sale are not part of the process. Rental home staging in Atlanta instead focuses on finding a few furniture pieces to show off rooms to their best advantage, and using a few interior decorating ideas to compliment the space. Unlike staging a house for sale, rental home staging should be simple and fairly minimal because it may need to be done more often. That is also why it is especially important to hire a professional home staging team. Not only will experts know the best few techniques and pieces to most benefit your space, but they can also stage and empty your rental property quickly.

Tailor Furnishings to Your Target Market

While you will want to use fewer home furnishings for rental home staging in Atlanta, you still want to focus on making sure those pieces attract the renters you want. This will be based in part on the location of your rental property. Is it located in a hip part of Atlanta, like Little Five Points or Virginia Highlands, more likely to appeal to young professionals? Rental home staging in Atlanta neighborhoods of that sort should involve artistic contemporary home furnishings. By contrast, if your rental property is in an upmarket part of Atlanta such as Midtown or Lenox Park likely to appeal to more established professional families, you will want to focus on a chic, upscale look. Again, our professional home staging team at HRC Furniture Design can help you determine what interior decorating styles will best fit your area and market.

Emphasize Selling Points

This is one aspect that remains the same for both rental home staging in Atlanta and more traditional home staging. Consider what features set your property apart from other rental homes in the area, and focus attention of them. It’s important to stage a house with appealing architectural features in mind. Because you will be choosing fewer items when staging a rental property, this is even more important. Determine what the best selling points are, from designer windows to high ceilings to well-planned rooms, and highlight them with the perfect compliments. This is another great opportunity to receive expert advice from our home staging team. With years of experience, they can help you decide which features will most attract renters, and then choose the right pieces to focus attention on those features.

Rental home staging in Atlanta can help you attract the right renters fast, even in our city’s competitive market. Let the professional home staging team at HRC Furniture Design show you what a difference it can make! Visit our Home Staging Page for more information, or Contact Us today!


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