March 22, 2018

Personalize your Home Style with HRC Furniture Design

Personalized Home Style Makes Your Room Makeover Your Own

Looking to update your home style, Atlanta?  Of course you want the latest home trends, but you also want your house to reflect who you are.  HRC Furniture Design has some great suggestions for adding dashes of your personality to your home furnishings!  Whether you’re moving into a new place or doing a room makeover, we can help you ensure your home feels like you!  Our website, has everything you need!  Here are some great ways to make your personality shine in your home style!

Add Extra Color

Everyone has a favorite or multiple favorite colors.  Adding these to your home furnishings can really help your personality shine through!  To start with, do you like warm colors or cool colors?  Bold hues or lighter ones?  Would you like your home style to feel cheerful or relaxing?  For happy, warm colors, take a look at home furnishings like our Yellow Ladder Bookshelf.  For cooler, relaxing colors in your room makeover, consider pieces like our Teal Console Table or Ink Blue Chenille Sofa.


Your personal home style should rule supreme.  Do you like a homespun rustic look, a more antique flavor, or something daring and modern?  No matter your preference, HRC Home Design has something perfect for you.  For example, take a look at our Reclaimed Wood Cabinet that looks straight out of a country cottage.  For something more with more old world elegance, see our Baroque Influenced Dining Table.  Looking to set home trends with your room makeover?  Pieces like our Contemporary White Side Chair might be just what you’re looking for.

Create Interest with Textures

When it comes to home style, home furnishings of any kind can become the center of attention.  Choosing different textures can add depth and personality to your room makeover.  Don’t be afraid to mix textures in your home style.  If you need a little advice, don’t worry!  Our expert team specializes in home design, and is available to help you pick the perfect pieces.  Check out some suggestions like our Rattan Greco Dining Chair, Rustic Planked Top Coffee Table, and Antique Brass Finish King Bed.

No matter what your preferred home style, HRC Furniture Design can help you add personal flair your new home or your room makeover.  Our free delivery and set up makes it easy, and our professional furniture design team can help you achieve the perfect home style.  Contact Us for more information, or Shop Online at

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