June 27, 2018

Interior Decorating Styles and Tips for Empty Nests

Interior decorating styles for empty nests

Now that the kids are off to college or embarking on lives of their own, and you have space to spare, the time has come for you to explore some new decorating home styles. We know it’s hard to let go, but you’ve worked hard raising your family and now you deserve to enjoy some free time along with that available extra space in your home. When considering how to update your home style to fit your new empty nest as well as your spaceplan, the choices can seem endless. What begins as a simple room makeover can become a hassle in a hurry. Don’t worry! Here at HRC Furniture, our expert designers are ready to help! Here are a few interior decorating styles and tips to consider for your empty nest.

Decorate Around Your Lifestyle

Of course we all want our homes to be beautiful, but don’t forget that it still must be functional too. So when considering interior decorating styles, remember to think about what works best for your lifestyle. Now that the kids are spreading their wings, it’s time for you to begin taking more time for yourself, maybe even planning for future retirement. When planning, consider what you want your empty nest life to look like. Maybe you want to turn an empty bedroom into a relaxing space for exercise and yoga or maybe you want your own little home theater. Maybe you need room to expand upon a current hobby or even to take up a new hobby like painting or sewing? These are all things you should consider before starting your room makeover! HRC Furniture Design’s professional team can help you design and find beautiful home furnishings and creative solutions that will fit both your dreams and your spaceplan.

Your Empty Nest Doesn’t Have to be Empty

Now that you have the luxury of space and time, you can enjoy friendship and company more often! Turn an empty bedroom into a guest room, a man cave, or a comfy parlor. Make space for friends to visit and relatives to stay overnight. Think outside the box when repurposing your space. Of course, you want your children to visit, but that doesn’t mean every bedroom has to remain a bedroom. Let our designers help you choose the perfect home furnishings and interior design styles to make your spaceplan work. They’ll recommend pieces from storage ottomans to sleeper sofas that will enable you to double one room as both a place for social gathering and a place to sleep. Here at HRC Furniture Design, we staff only experienced professionals, so you can simply tell our team what you want your room makeover to achieve, and they’ll take care of the rest!

Add a Wow Factor

While you’re planning your room makeover and considering interior design styles, don’t forget that this is a perfect opportunity to add a little extra to your home! Don’t be shy; embrace your creative side. Include dashes of color, metal accents, and interesting textures. Let our team show you all the tricks for making each room more airy, more inviting, or more eye-catching. And don’t forget to update with stunning new home furnishings that will make your home a shining star. Here at HRC Furniture Design, we have the latest trends, but we also offer home furnishings for every home style. Let our experienced design team help you find the perfect pieces that will not only fit your tastes and spaceplan, but also wow everyone who walks in your door!

With the help of our expert team at HRC Furniture Design, you’ll find the perfect interior decorating styles to turn your empty nest into your own personal haven. Together we’ll start turning your home into a relaxing retreat for you to enjoy. Contact us to learn more!

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