March 12, 2018

How a Professional Home Stager Makes Your Room Layout and Spaceplan Shine

Staging an apartment will help attract more qualified renters fast

A home stager is a key element to selling a house quickly and for a higher price, but that isn’t the only reason for home staging in Atlanta.  Whether you are a home-owner, a realtor, or even leasing office renting apartments, a stager—by helping you create a space plan and giving you room layout ideas—can ensure you meet with the greatest possible success in the shortest possible time.  And, as we all know, in ever-busy Atlanta, time means money!

There are several reasons why hiring a professional home stager is the right choice.  First of all, if you are a home owner, you may have trouble making your own staging attempt impersonal.  Your home style is an integrated part of who you are and is expressed in your living space.  After all, our homes are reflections of our personalities, preferences, and pastimes.  They are a sort of record of our memories and our daily routines.  We put a lot of ourselves into a home’s spaceplan, room layout, and décor.  It is nearly impossible not to put some of your personality into staging your home or creating a room layout space plan.  That is precisely why you need a professional home stager.  Home stagers, like our expert team and HRCFD, know how to make your home beautiful and welcoming while keeping the style just neutral enough that potential buyers can superimpose their own ideas into the space.  Because they can bring their own ideas and styles to the setting, shoppers are able to imagine themselves clearly in the home and fully recognize its potential.  That, in turn, makes them far more likely to buy.

Having a professional home stager on hand is no less important for realtors.  A professional home stager will create a clean, welcoming room layout, working within the spaceplan and highlighting architecture.  Research has shown that, simply by having a professional take care your come staging, the purchase price of a house can rise up to 22 percent.  Add to that the benefit of selling a home faster, and you will see why so many realtors work with professional home stagers, and why so many say it is well worth the cost!

The benefits of hiring expert stagers for demo apartments is also great.  According to an article on, customers—and I include apartment shoppers as well as home buyers—usually can only picture what is, not what could be.  In fact, statistically, only about 1 in every 10 people can see past minor disadvantages or imperfections to grasp the full potential of a living space.  This means that, if the apartment you’re showing is not staged, potential customers are more likely to see what’s wrong with the apartment than to see how they can make the room layout work for them.  By using the services of a professional apartment stager, you could ensure that more consumers who view apartments in your complex choose to make one home.  That means you could have fewer apartments empty for a shorter time, making apartment staging a great investment.

There are varied and excellent reasons to use a home stager, whether you are a home owner, realtor, or apartment leasing office.  By letting a professional handle the room layout, spaceplan, and décor of your house or apartment, you can ensure that you will find a buyer or renter fast.  However, you want to choose the right team, who can offer you high quality home staging in Atlanta!  Add to our experienced expertise the benefits of HRCFD’s hassle-free, 24-hour service, and you will see why we are the right Atlanta home staging or apartment staging team for you!  Contact Us or see our Home Staging Page to learn more!

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