April 13, 2018

Vacation Rentals and Home Staging in Atlanta

Vacation Rentals Using Home Staging Make Your Guests Fill Welcomed

Did you know that vacation rentals can benefit enormously from home staging?  That’s right!  Home staging is not only for real estate agents and home owners looking to sell a house quickly!  Home staging has a lot of applications, one of which is the tourism industry!  Do you own a vacation rental or cabin that you rent out when you are not using it?  Are you looking to use a service such as AirBnB or Home Away to earn a little money while you are on your own vacation?  Home staging is a great way to set you property apart!

Summer is almost here, and if you own vacation rentals, that means it’s time to gear up for guests!  Our home stagers can help you prepare!  Planning your own getaway this year?  You can use websites like Home Away and AirBnB to rent out your home or apartment while you’re gone, earning you extra cash while you’re away.  After all, with points of interest ranging from the World of Coca-Cola to the Atlanta Zoo, unique shopping venues such as Little Five Points and Underground Atlanta, scores of museums, and outdoor attractions like the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Stone Mountain, our home town is a premier tourist destination!

However, this also means there will be a large number or vacation rentals on offer.  How do you set your house or apartment apart?  Just like home staging can render a house for sale more appealing to would be buyers, it can also make your vacation rental, house, or apartment more desirable to potential renters!  Our expert stagers can help you with occupied home staging using your own furniture.  Your home or rental will look great in online photos, attracting more vacationers, and will have the open, inviting interior to make any guest feel at home!

So whether you’re looking to book up vacation rentals whenever you’re not using them, or looking to earn a bit of spending money on AirBnB or Home Away, our home stagers are ready to turn your space into a welcoming and comfortable vacationers’ dream!  HRC Furniture Design home staging will help you attract more renters to your door!  Let our stagers wow you with their prompt and professional expertise.  Visit our Home Staging Page, or Contact Us to learn more!

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