June 21, 2018

Home Staging Atlanta Georgia Style

Home Staging Atlanta Style - Earthtone Staged Living Room
Home staging Atlanta residences can be especially important. Of course, home staging always helps sell property for more faster, but in such a large urban center with so many houses on the market, it’s vital to make your home stand out! That’s why HRC Furniture Design employs professional stagers who understand what’s needed to get your house off the market quick in our local area. Here are a few of the things you need to know about HRC Furniture Design’s home staging Atlanta services.
Open Up the Room
Even after clutter is removed, large pieces can make some rooms feel crowded. Where home staging Atlanta properties is involved, it’s important to choose furnishings that fit your space. Our stagers will help you choose beautiful pieces with the right size and shape to best compliment your setting. For example, replace a heavy breakfront with our beautiful Reclaimed Acacia Cabinet, or make the most of living room space with our Brown Sectional Sofa. The result will be rooms that look more open and spacious.
Create Focal Points
Sometimes, if a room lacks an attention-grabbing point of interest, the eye can be pulled in too many directions, making the space feel chaotic. Adding a splash of color is a great way to create a central focus for your room. Our professional team can recommend stunning pieces for home staging Atlanta houses and apartments. The right groupings will stand out while still pulling your room together. Adding a few accents in similar hues will complete the artistically aesthetic look. Our Teal Console Table with Glass Doors is an excellent choice for adding a dash of color to any room. Of course, there are other ways to make interesting focal points. Along with making spaces seem larger, mirrors can also draw the eye. Check out our Antique Tall Brown Wall Mirror. Both options will create beautiful focal points that make your room feel orderly and calm.
Three’s a Charm
Home staging using odd numbers of items or furnishings can make your room more interesting. Our home stagers understand the value of grouping by threes! Pair a central focus with a couple of other pieces, or arrange accents in groups of three. Even pairing a small table like our Round Industrial Mango Wood Table with a couple of elegantly placed chairs will create more interest in a room than a more standard set up. Our home staging team understands how to use odd numbers to really enliven every room, catching the attention of prospective buyers.
Home staging Atlanta residences is even more important than staging in less populated areas. That’s why it’s vital to have a professional team that truly understand all the tricks of the trade. Contact HRC Furniture Design today to learn how our expert stagers can help you sell your Atlanta house fast, or visit our Home Staging Page on for more information.
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