June 28, 2018

Home Staging Advice: What Not to Do

Home Staging Advice - Beautiful home staging done right

Professional home staging advice is vital because there are definite right and wrong ways to go about preparing your house for sale. It’s easy to read through a few home staging advice articles and think: “how hard can it be?” In reality, however, it can prove to be more difficult. Having an expert home staging team on your side can not only take the work and worry off of you, but also help you avoid problems and pitfalls that might otherwise work against your goals. Here are just a few of the many home staging pitfalls HRC Furniture Design’s expert and friendly team can help you avoid.

Adding Too Much Visual Input

Maybe you want to make a child’s bedroom or playroom look fun and active– after all, that’s the desired look for most parents, right?– but too much color and visual input can make a space feel chaotic and crowded. Some of the best-known home staging advice is “less is more,” and it has become a sort of cardinal rule of stagers everywhere. Home staging professionals understand that a lot of different interior decorating element– color, shape, grouping, texture, and more– can create visual interest. However, they also know that visual interest in a room is like spicy food: a little adds flavor, a lot is overwhelming. Here at HRC Furniture Design, our home staging team has the experience and expertise to discern which visual interest elements work best in a room, and achieve a balance that is engaging and inviting.

Over Personalizing Decor

Especially if you are opting for occupied home staging, it can be hard not to add personal touches. After all, until it’s sold, your house is still your house. Here at HRC Furniture Design, we understand how difficult that can be, but we also understand that too much personal detail can actually drive potential buyers away. Don’t forget that the most important goal is to create a space which invites buyers to superimpose their own lives and ideas onto their surroundings. If they can picture themselves and their families living in the home, they are more likely to buy the home. However, they can’t do that if they feel more like guests in someone else’s living space. That’s one of the biggest reasons home owners need a professional stager when selling a house. Not only will having one provide expert home staging advice, but also an unbiased third party who can be the voice of reason when deciding what to pack and what to leave out. It isn’t simply a matter that not everyone will like cats as much as you do, but also a matter of interior decorating style. A home staging team will understand how to blend various styles, from contemporary to traditional, so that everyone feels at home. Let HRC Furniture Design’s friendly home staging team help you create a balanced look that will allow a wide range of potential buyers to see their own tastes reflected in your house.

Blocking Selling Points

After spending years in a home, many homeowners accumulate too much “stuff.” And even if you’re not planning an occupied home staging, it can be easy to over-stage by using too much furniture and décor. Too many pieces and accessories not only make rooms feel crowded and chaotic, but can also detract from your home’s best selling points! When staging your home, don’t over crowd or place furniture– even small pieces– in front of windows with beautiful views. Instead, leave these areas clear for potential buyers to enjoy! Also consider your home’s most appealing architectural elements. HRC Furniture Design’s home staging team knows how to use color, texture, grouping, and light to draw the eye to your home’s best features– and away from the small imperfections inevitable in any home. Let our friendly expert team offer you professional home staging advice and service to draw potential buyers attention to all your home’s best points!

For every piece of home staging advice our team could offer you, there is another home staging pitfall you should avoid. Let our experienced stagers help you choose the most effective home staging ideas and techniques to make your home shine! To learn more, Contact Us, or visit our Home Staging Page.


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