February 20, 2018

Fresh Home Style Trends for a Spring Room Makeover

spring home style trends 2018 for room makeover

Spring is finally in the air, and that means it’s time to freshen your home style with a full room makeover!  Here at, we’ve got the newest spring trends in home furnishings!  If you’re ready to spring-clean your home’s style, check out what’s hot this season at HRC Furniture Design.  As a premier home design store, we will not only help you pick the perfect pieces, but deliver and arrange them as well.  Let our expert home design team help you with a beautiful room makeover for the new season!

Jewel Tones

According to Country Living Magazine, Jewel tones are big for home style in 2018, so don’t be afraid to be bold!  Show your vibrant, creative side with richly colored accents or home furnishings.  The right furniture can really enliven your space for a full room makeover!  Freshen your home style with bright and beautiful pieces like our Rich Ink Blue Chenille Sofa or our Large Teal Console Table.


Patterns have been popular, and, according to Ideal Home Magazine, they’re not going anywhere this spring!  Home style featuring bold patterns and designs inspired by world travel are in!  Add some fun to your room makeover with home furnishings featuring inspiring patterns.  In your living room, accent chairs and throw pillows are great ways to add patterns to your room makeover!  For example, check out our Brown Flower Motif and Gray and Yellow Patterned accent chairs!


Metal is another home style trend that is staying strong this year.  Ideal Home Magazine proclaimed that home furnishings featuring metal legs or handles are as popular as ever!  Brass and steel are both big this year, from nail accents on upholstered home furnishings to steel table legs.  Metal is a great way to add a little modern glam to your room makeover!  Take a look at our Antonelli Counterheight Table and Industrial Wood and Laminate Metal Bookcase!


Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in the rough and the imperfect, and it is a big home style trend this spring!  Country Living Magazine included this in a list of major home style trends for 2018.  Like bold patterns and bright colors, Wabi-sabi is a chance for you to show off your creative spirit and appreciation for the unique.  Reclaimed or distressed wood is a beautiful example of Wabi-sabi.  Check out our Rustic Distressed Coffee Table with Wheels and our Reclaimed Acacia and Teak Wood Cabinet!

Spring is the perfect time to update your home style with a room makeover.  These new trends will help to inspire you and get you started!  For help finding the perfect home furnishings, or to have expert stagers arrange help you with your room layout, contact HRC Home Design today!  Shop online for beautiful home furnishings, and have your purchases delivered and set up for free!  Don’t wait!  Give your home a fresh spring room makeover today!

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