June 15, 2018

Decorating Styles and Tips for Small Living Rooms

Decorating styles for a small living room makeover

Looking for new decorating styles for a small living room makeover? HRC Furniture Design has some of the latest home ideas as well as the hottest trends in home furnishings! Here are a few tips for making the most out of a small living room space with an updated room makeover!

Use Pale or Neutral Colors

Bold colors can make a space seem smaller, so one of the decorating styles we recommend for smaller living rooms is to use pale or neutral colors on walls and in furnishings. This is also a popular choice because neutral shades are big this summer! However, there are a lot of options when you consider your palette. Warmer neutrals like beige or light tan will make your living room feel cozy and welcoming. Cream colored walls, on the other hand, will make the space feel fresher and more open. Want to do something a little different? Paint your walls a pale shade of green or blue to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Use Mirrors

Hanging mirrors or mirrored wall accents around a room can fool the eye into thinking the space is larger. This is one of our favorite decorating styles for a small living room makeover because it both gives the impression of openness, and helps to reflect and increase natural light from windows. All of that together will make your living room feel airy, and you can create some great decorating styles with mirrored wall accents to boot!

Draw Attention Upward

Don’t forget that you can visually expand your living room vertically as well as horizontally! There are several wonderful decorating styles and home ideas that can be used to make your ceiling feel higher and your living room more open. One of our favorites is simple: use floor-to-ceiling drapes to make the ceiling feel higher. You can also arrange small to moderately sized art and wall accents around your upper walls to make it feel at if the walls are taller.

These are just a few of our favorite decorating styles and home ideas to make the most out of your smaller living room. If your looking for a beautiful living room makeover that will create a more spacious appearance, our professional team of designers will be happy to help you! Contact us today for more information, and start your gorgeous, airy living room make over today!

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