Interior Decorating Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Interior Decorating Trends That Stay in Style - Burgandy Brown Motion Sofa

We have some beautiful and timeless interior decorating trends to share! Whether the center of your home is the kitchen, family room, or someplace else, this year’s trends are perfect because they are largely based upon classic looks that never go out of style. That’s great because, let’s face it, you don’t want to have […]

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Bedroom Decor Ideas and Trends

Bedroom Decor Ideas - white and grey bedroom

There are some beautiful bedroom decor ideas to explore this year if you’ve been thinking about updating your space. And why wouldn’t you? Your bedroom is more than where you sleep; it’s your safe haven and the inner-sanctum of your personal space. In fact, researchers say that our bedrooms have become one of our favorite […]

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Blending Interior Decorating Styles

Blend Interior Decorating Styles to Make Your Space Home for You and Your Partner

Interior decorating styles vary as widely as our personalities.  After all, our homes are reflections of ourselves and our families.  Sometimes, however, creating the perfect home style requires a little compromise, a little finesse, and a lot of creative thinking.  This is especially true for couples learning to live together.  Whether you’re moving in together […]

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Bring Nature Into Your Home Style

Nature Home Style Ideas

Bring nature into your home style this summer! This is the perfect season to bring the color and life of nature into your house style! No matter what your spaceplan or room design layout, consider these beautiful home furnishings from HRC Furniture Design to welcome a bit nature into your living space this summer. Color […]

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Picture Perfect Trends in Children’s Furniture and Room Design

Trends in Children's Bedroom Furniture Can Be Stylish and Fun

Where children’s furniture trends are concerned, we only want the best for our kids.  We all want our children to feel happy, safe, and comfortable at home.  Almost as much as that, we all want them to feel as if their bedrooms are their own space, reflecting their personalities.  Now that summer is nearly here, […]

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New Trends for Your Summer 2018 Home Style

new trends for summer home style

Looking for new trends in home furnishings for this season?  You’re in luck!  At HRC Furniture Design, we have the scoop on all the best home style trends for Summer 2018!  Whether you’re looking to spruce up your spaceplan or do a complete room makeover, we’ve got the hottest new trends for you!  Summer is […]

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