Rental Home Staging in Atlanta

Rental home staging in Atlanta - Simple and less involved home staging kitchen

Rental home staging in Atlanta varies from “regular” home staging. There is some argument about whether a house for rent should be staged, but here in Atlanta, Georgia, it is generally considered necessary. That’s because Metro Atlanta is always growing, and has higher-than-normal competition where finding quality renters is concerned. It’s important to make your […]

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Interior Decorating Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Interior Decorating Trends That Stay in Style - Burgandy Brown Motion Sofa

We have some beautiful and timeless interior decorating trends to share! Whether the center of your home is the kitchen, family room, or someplace else, this year’s trends are perfect because they are largely based upon classic looks that never go out of style. That’s great because, let’s face it, you don’t want to have […]

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Bedroom Decor Ideas and Trends

Bedroom Decor Ideas - white and grey bedroom

There are some beautiful bedroom decor ideas to explore this year if you’ve been thinking about updating your space. And why wouldn’t you? Your bedroom is more than where you sleep; it’s your safe haven and the inner-sanctum of your personal space. In fact, researchers say that our bedrooms have become one of our favorite […]

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Home Staging Atlanta Georgia Style

Home Staging Atlanta Style - Earthtone Staged Living Room

Home staging Atlanta residences can be especially important. Of course, home staging always helps sell property for more faster, but in such a large urban center with so many houses on the market, it’s vital to make your home stand out! That’s why HRC Furniture Design employs professional stagers who understand what’s needed to get […]

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Blending Interior Decorating Styles

Blend Interior Decorating Styles to Make Your Space Home for You and Your Partner

Interior decorating styles vary as widely as our personalities.  After all, our homes are reflections of ourselves and our families.  Sometimes, however, creating the perfect home style requires a little compromise, a little finesse, and a lot of creative thinking.  This is especially true for couples learning to live together.  Whether you’re moving in together […]

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Staging an Apartment in Atlanta Georgia

Staging an apartment will help attract more qualified renters fast

Staging an apartment might not occur to many property owners, but it may be extremely beneficial when attracting new renters. Just as a home staging can help to sell a house quickly and for more money, apartment staging can help ensure you find qualified renter fast. HRC Furniture Design understands why staging an apartment is […]

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