June 7, 2018

Blending Interior Decorating Styles

Blend Interior Decorating Styles to Make Your Space Home for You and Your Partner

Interior decorating styles vary as widely as our personalities.  After all, our homes are reflections of ourselves and our families.  Sometimes, however, creating the perfect home style requires a little compromise, a little finesse, and a lot of creative thinking.  This is especially true for couples learning to live together.  Whether you’re moving in together or newly married, finding styles that blend your unique tastes together is a must!  Your familiar surrounding can have a psychological effect on you, so it’s vital that both partners feel the shared living space reflects their personalities.  However, finding the right balance can be difficult.  Don’t worry!  Here are some tips from HRC Furniture Design.

Clear Out Clutter with Care

One of the first steps– and one of the hardest– in creating blended interior decorating styles is to decide what goes and what stays.  This is especially important if you are just moving in together.  After all, your living space only has so much room and you will now have roughly double the possessions.

This means you and your partner or spouse will have to do some serious purging.  While doing so, remember that this is a step you are taking together.  Never ask your partner to get rid of more than you do– unless, of course, they have cheap press-board furniture and you have new, quality home furnishings.  Even then, always respect your partner’s feelings, and never throw out things without their input.

When it comes to making room, some experts recommend getting rid of 80 percent of your knickknacks.  That, however, varies by situation.  Don’t feel like you have to throw out sentimentally important items, but also remember you can’t hold onto everything!  If you’re not sure how to choose what stays and what goes, talk to our friendly design specialists.  They can help you decide which pieces fit best in your home, and even help you and your partner pick out a few new home furnishings to replace those that need it

Create a Complementary Color Palette

While blending interior decorating styles, it’s important to remember that too many colors will make the room feel disjointed rather than harmonious.  Choose a limited color palette of hues that work well with both interior decorating styles you are trying to merge.  For example, if you are trying to find a happy medium between Western and Victorian interior decorating styles, consider a palette in creams, pale golds, and browns, perhaps adding the vibrant red that fits with both French Victorian and South-Western designs.  Similarly, if your partner likes the clean, contemporary look of modern Asian decor and you prefer Cape Cod interiors, pair simple white with shades of blue and light tan that compliment both interior decorating styles.  If you’re not certain what colors or shades would work best, don’t be afraid to ask!  HRC Furniture Design’s expert team can help you find the perfect hues to unite your interior design tastes.

Look for Unifying Elements

One of the most important tasks involved in blending two disparate interior decorating styles is implementing shared characteristics.  Whether it’s a pattern, material, or design element, a common design feature will really pull the room—and your two styles—together.  Choose a couple of these elements and make them focuses of your room makeover.  Going back to our previous examples, while blending Western and Victorian interior decorating styles, wrought iron wall décor is one excellent unifying element you can both agree on.  As for our second example, combining Asian and Cape Cod styles, light-colored wood and clean lines are features that fit with both interiors.  HRC Furniture Design has professional designers on staff so that we can take all the guess work out of finding unifying elements and blending styles.  Let our friendly experts work with you and your partner to create a balanced look centering on shared design features.

Buy Furniture Together

Perhaps the best way to create a home style both you and your partner can love is to start with a blank slate and create a new look together.  Even if you don’t want to start from the very beginning, it’s a great idea to carefully consider your home furnishings and decide what is too shabby to keep, or what doesn’t work with both of your interior decorating styles.  Afterward, turn furniture shopping into a fun, shared experience.  Of course, in home furnishings just as in décor, you can focus on unifying elements and styles that work for you both.  However, you can also mix and match pieces from both of your unique interior decorating styles to create something special.  If you’re not quite sure how to combine different home furnishings into one cohesive look or what furniture design elements you should focus on, ask our professional team!  Our designers are experts at turning different ideas and tastes into beautiful interiors!  They can even recommend perfect quality furniture pieces from our store.  Best of all, when you purchase from HRC Furniture Design, delivery and set up are free!

When two people make the important decision to share their lives and their living space, it’s important to create a home where both can feel comfortable and content.  Having a shared space that equally reflects both of your tastes and seamlessly blends both of your interior decorating styles can help you both to feel more at home.  Believe it or not, that can have a psychological effect, helping your home life run a little more smoothly.  Contact HRC Furniture Design today to discuss wonderful ways to blend you and your partner’s unique styles into one fantastic look.  Let us help you and your partner create a shared space that really feels like home to both of you.

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