July 2, 2018

Bedroom Decor Ideas and Trends

Bedroom Decor Ideas - white and grey bedroom

There are some beautiful bedroom decor ideas to explore this year if you’ve been thinking about updating your space. And why wouldn’t you? Your bedroom is more than where you sleep; it’s your safe haven and the inner-sanctum of your personal space. In fact, researchers say that our bedrooms have become one of our favorite places for activity as well as sleeping; many of us prefer to read, watch movies, browse the internet, and talk on the phone in our bedrooms. That makes this one of the most important rooms in your house, and one that you need to feel content and comfortable in. So if you’re thinking about a room makeover, here are some great bedroom decor ideas and trends to get you started.

Go Natural

Bringing nature into your living space is a huge trend this year. It’s no surprise, as psychologists say it reduces stress and helps room occupants feel calmer. Of course, the one place in your home you should feel most relaxed and comfortable is your bedroom, and that makes this one of our favorite bedroom decor ideas. Consider painting the walls a gentle cream color, beige, or even a pale, soft green. Natural wood furniture like our Scott Living King White Washed Natural Bed compliments the look beautifully, as do pieces like our Leaf Print Accent Chair. Decide what ecological region your would like to evoke in your decor– forest, beach, desert, etc.– and choose your accents and colors accordingly. Add natural elements and wood-framed tree silhouettes, copies of antique botany book illustrations, or watercolor landscapes to complete your haven.

Shades of White

White is not just white any more. Professional home decorators have begun blending various shades from bright white to eggshell to ivory, some with slightly blue or grey tints, while others have just a hint of yellow warmth. The wonderful thing about particular shades– such as parchment, ivory, and even porcelain– is that they offer the airy, clean look of white while having just enough hue that every speck of dust doesn’t stand out. Paired with the crisp lines currently popular in home furnishings, they make a room feel fresh and inviting. If straight lines aren’t your thing, shades of white are also perfect for the older (but still beautiful) shabby chic Victorian look. Either way you’ll have a room that feels cool, open, and welcoming, making this another of our most popular bedroom decor ideas. Take a look at our Antique White Coastal Style Eastern King Bed and imagine it made up in varying shades of white and surrounded by pale hues.

Classy Contrasts

If plain white is not the right look for you, black and white contrast might be one of the best bedroom decor ideas to suit your tastes. It creates a classy atmosphere, but compliments various furniture styles from 1940s Art Deco to Ultra Modern. White walls with white and black painting in black frames, black painted furniture, and white and black accents create a refined, artistic look with lasting popularity. Add extra interest with a few splashes of color in your art work and accents, such as a red vase or a dash of yellow in your decor. If you’re feeling really bold, you can even forget the colors and go for metallic accents instead. Just remember that the black and white contrast should still be the main feature! Check out our Traditional Black Queen Bed. It’s the perfect piece to begin building your classy high-contrast look!

HRC Furniture Design is staffed by knowledgeable and experience professionals who can help you create the perfect look for any room. Let our team help you sort through different bedroom décor ideas, find the perfect one for you, and suggest wonderful pieces to make it a reality. Our interior designers are available for consultations both in person and remotely. Best of all, when you purchase from HRC Furniture Design, delivery and set up are free. Contact us today to learn more!

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